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Innovative Microscopes introduced a ground-breaking DM S7 digital microscope. This revolutionary high-performance digital microscope inspection system allows image capturing without a computer. With a 10.1" Capacitive Touch Screen it allows users to take pictures direct from the screen. The use of digital microscopes is becoming essential as the components of circuit boards are becoming smaller to accommodate more components on a Printed Circuit Board. The new Digital Microscope DM S7 enables users to improve quality and increase output efficiency.

​Applications for the DM S7 includes electronic printed circuits board repair and inspection, metal fabrication, gemology and metallurgy. Ideal for receiving inspection, first article inspection, in process inspection, and final inspection. Every aspect of use has been taken into account during the design process providing an effortless user experience and user comfort across all industries. The DM-S7 includes the 10.1 Capacitive Touch Screen, sturdy articulating arm, and diffused dome light.



  • Zoom- Preset magnifications

  • Long working distance

  • 10.1" Capacitive Touch screen 720p resolution

  • Picture capture and save over WIFI, Ethernet or USB thumb drive

  • Image Annotator

  • Diffused dome light - selectable 4 segments 6500K LED ring light with adjustable brightness

  • Long depth of field for PCB inspection without the need of a pivot table

  • 1 year warranty



dual screen.jpg
Dual Display

Need a larger display to train or just like  having a larger viewing area? Our digital scope has the option to output to a secondary display via an aftermarket video splitter. Ask us about that option.


Our 10" 720p screen is a capacitive touch screen. That means you can see and set the zoom level with just a touch of a finger. 

You could also use the image annotator and mark the areas with a flick of the finger. If you prefer a mouse and keyboard our microscope has that option too by USB ports.

Max Zoom Level

We have 3 models with max zoom levels in the range of 15X, 30X and 60X. 

Available Accessories

Our articulating arm (IM-32A) is the most favorable. It is robust, fully adjustable and offers unobstructed working surface. All of our mounts can be interchangeable and will fit most working surfaces. 

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